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Charmaine Haines Ceramic Gallery

Charmaine Haines Ceramics

Charmaine Haines Ceramic Art Gallery

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Charmaine Haines's is prominently established in the South African ceramics scene. Her work forms part of numerous art collections and has been selected to represent South Africa on International exhibitions.

Charmaine Haines

Living and working in the remote Karoo village of Nieu Bethesda, I continue to explore my ongoing fascination for Ancient Cultures, African Artifacts and Medieval Iconic Art which embodies a broad interest in the history of art and craft from ancient to industrial.

The natural Karoo environment plays an integral part in my day to day source of inspiration. It continues to be a place of extremes where the weather has a major influence, creating an awareness of both life and death where small things matter.

I’m surrounded by the evidence that the Karoo was once an ancient sea.

Working within the realm of figurative clay, I use both abstract and stylised symbols and motives to embellish the smooth and seductive clay surfaces, further enhancing the sculptural forms.

The embellished surface is influenced by simplified abstractions of nature.


  • fish and birds have always been part of my iconography. Together with my portraits they've become autobiographical design elements that repeat themselves throughout my work adding both a narrative and mythical presence to the forms.


The swirling vortex of fish outlines together with colour, texture and simple gestural shapes create a rhythmic quality further enhancing the connection between the surface space and the volume of the form.


Working primarily with vessels, the forms often evolve into sculptural works evident in my most recent sculptural pieces. The vessel forms reflect my intention to embrace familiar classical shapes, exploring the potential of the human form further representing the metaphor of the body as a vessel.


Simple shapes are altered to incorporate sculptural and semi-relief elements. Coloured stains and natural oxide washes are used to further exemplify the manipulative and expressive quality of the clay surface, including carving and textures showing a strong sense of surface pattern - through abstraction and symbolism




1963 - Born, Grahamstown, South Africa
1983 - 1985 - NH Dip Ceramic Design
1987 - 2002 - Lecturer Ceramic Design, PE Technikon, South Africa.
2002 - 2006 - Professional Artist living and working in the Karoo Village of Nieu Bethesda. South Africa.

2006 - Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum Biennial Exhibition and Award Finalist.
2006 - Set up a studio in the South-west of France.

2007 - ‘Birdman’ - solo exhibition. Espéchcde. France.
2007/2008 - Collective exhibition. Gallery Artis Factum. Bordeaux.
Terra Viva Gallery. Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie. Gallery Fusion. Toulouse. Gallery Anagama. Paris. FRANCE.
2008 - Solo exhibition. Associació Ceramistes de Catalunya Gallery. Barcelona. Spain.
2008 - Talents from a European Journey Exhibition. Rufford Art centre. United Kingdom.

2008 - Returned to Nieu Bethesda, South Africa.

2010 - Made a Fellow of Ceramics Southern Africa in recognition of of contributions to Ceramics in South Africa.

2008 – 2021. Continue to work in Nieu Bethesda studio and participate on various group exhibitions.



Musee De Vallauris. Vallauris. France
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum. Port Elizabeth. South Africa.
National Art Gallery. Durban. South Africa.
Samlingen Art Collection. Denmark.

William Humphries Gallery. Kimberly. South Africa.

The Corobrik National Collection


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