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James Lawrence Isherwood Gallery

James Lawrence Isherwood

James Lawrence Isherwood (1917 - 1989) was born in Wigan, Lancashire, on the 7 April 1917.  He was a prolific impressionist/expressionist painter who known for his Wigan Style and Wigan figure paintings.


The Wigan and London scenes are always cited as his most desireable works.  However, his portfolio also included a huge range of scenes including other U.K. locations from Scotland through to Cornwall and overseas including Paris and Spain.


There is also a large body of portraits, horse racing scenes, nudes and much rarer mining and industrial scenes. Isherwood also painted black & white works and was noted for his 'Blue Period' producing works in shades of blue and white. 

Isherwood struggled to make a living from his artwork, like many now famous artists. However, since his death in 1989 his paintings have steadily appreciated in terms of both public acclaim and value.  He is one of the highly regarded 'Northern Group' of artists and his paintings are collected internationally. 

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