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Japanese Sumida Gawa Pottery Figural Vase

A fine example of Japanese Sumida Gawa pottery decorated with three dimensional figures.  On the back in blue characters is the potter's mark of Inque Ryosai, a family of three generations of potters who made Sumida wares at the family kiln in Yokohama.

Sumida or Sumida Gawa Ware is a style of art pottery first produced in Japan at the end of the 19th century for export to the West.  The characteristic feature is the addition of figures or other three dimensional items to the object;  most commonly children, monkeys and architectural forms.  The pottery is generally quite heavy and thickly potted.

The name comes from the river Sumida - the first workshop producing these items was located on the banks of this river and this has also lead to the term gawa being added - gawa is the Japanese word for river. 


The original producer is considered to be Ryosai, who's family continued the tradition through Ryosai III.  Key production of Sumida ware is generally considered to be c1890 to c1920.


Height 13 inches, Diameter 4 inches

Price $1,750

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