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A Rare Papier Mache Cat by Joan & David de Bethel

Joan & David de Bethel (Rye, Sussex, London) Papier-mache cat figurine with glass eyes, made in 1978 by the renowned London studio and measures.


Joan and David de Bethel started making papier maché cats in 1960. They were intricately made and quite expensive - each piece took at least a day just to paint.  This was later augmented by ceramic cats where the blanks were made by local potteries in Rye and then decorated and varnished by Joan.

There is a strong collectors' market for de Bethel pieces.

The ceramic ones fetch good prices and the papier maché originals realize very high prices. For someone who has not handled both types it is difficult to tell the ceramic and the papier maché apart - the papier maché are very hard and quite heavy as they are solid at the base and the pottery ones are hollow. 


20 cm high x 15 cm wide x 14 cm deep

Price $1,950

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