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Austrian Brass Zappler Alarm Clock, 18th Century


Height 6 inches, Width 4.25 inches, Depth 2.25 inches.


A rare early Austrian brass zappler clock dated AD 1756 and inscribed W Artner, Wienn above the dial.

The brass dial plate has a 3.5" enamel dial with blued steel hands and central alarm disc, the movement with verge escapement and alarm.

Zappler clocks are distinguished by a pendulum that swings in front of the dial or to the rear of the case, using a cylinder-type escapement, sometimes referred to as a cowtail pendulum. They are also generally diminutive in size, so this is a relatively large example.

The swept brass case surmounted by a bell. Supported on a single rear strut.

Side doors give access to the movement.

The case has been cleaned and the movement serviced by our qualified Horologist.


It is rare to find this type of clock in the Australian market and this this would make an attractive addition to any serious clock collection.


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