Victorian Silver Spoon Warmer


Length: 15cm,  Height: 15cm,  Width: 9.5cm



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Walker & Hall Silverplate Spoonwarmer


A classic nautilus silver plated spoon warmer by Walker & Hall, Sheffield. The silver plate is in excellent condition.The shell is beautifully decorated with a bright cut foliage design and sits on a naturalistic rocky base. Stamped to the base Walker & Hall, about 1885.


At a time when the kitchens were generally set far from dining rooms, it was of great importance that food be kept warm while being brought to the rarely heated dining rooms. In addition to the large variety of dishes that had hot water compartments, so the spoon warmers were invented. Filled also with hot water in the kitchen, they were brought to the table along with the serving spoon(s) which were stored in them until being used and so kept warm.