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A Pair Of Japanese Satsuma Vases, First half 20th century

A very decorative pair of Satsuma vases from the OagawaYozan Workshop, of compressed ovoid form with a short waisted neck, decorated all round with scenes of women engaged in various activities in a landsape, with village houses, each signed to base. 

Taisho and Early Showa Period (1912 - 1945).

In beautiful original condition.

In 1919, the founder of Yozan was attracted to the patterns of Awata yaki Kyoto pottery. (Awata kilns also produced Satsuma ware), so much so that he began manufacturing Kyo-Satsuma in the Higashiyama Ward of Kyoto City. Since then, Ogawayozan have devoted themselves to crafting this intricately designed pottery.


Kyo-Satsuma has become renowned globally producing vases, teapots, and decorative dishes. In Japan, Kyo-Satsuma pottery is highly desirable for tea ceremonies and burning traditional incense.


In 1993, the second generation Yozan was named a 'Traditional Industrial Excellence Engineer' by the Governor of Kyoto. 


Height 21cm

Price $3,250

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