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Japanese Nabeshima Vase By Imaizumi Imaemon

A large Japanese Nabeshima Karako Pattern Vase By Imaizumi Imaemon

Early Showa Period (1912 - 1945).

In beautiful original condition.

Nabeshima ware is a high-quality porcelain Arita ware. It was produced in Lord Nabeshima of Saga Domain's kiln at Okawachi near Arita in the Edo period. 


Production began around 1700, and continued until the late 19th century, with similar wares being produced elsewhere by descendants of the master lineage to the present day.

Unlike most Arita ware, the designs drew on Japanese rather than Chinese traditions. Very few pieces were exported until the Meiji period


A variety of designs are used. Animal and plant designs are popular, 


One of the patterns used is Karako with the depiction of Chinese children playing as in this fine example

In 2001 Imaizumi Imaemon XIV became the head of the celebrated family of Iro-Nabeshima ceramicists.


In 2014, at the age of 51, he became the youngest artist in Japan to be designated a Living National Treasure for his achievements in elevating contemporary Nabeshima porcelain.


Height 38cm, Diameter 30cm

Price $4,750

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