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Hugues Scheid Bronzes

Hugues Scheid Bronze Art Gallery

Hugues Scheid















Hugues Scheid  Aka H is a French sculptor from Reims in Champagne.


Born in July 1984, Hugues followed a classic scholarship until high school then he transitioned in furniture making for 4 years obtaining three different diplomas . However, noticing the more common  use of modern materials such as plaster walls and plywood, Hugues decided to start again on a more artistic base. 


Joining the renowned École Boulle ( superior school of fine arts) in Paris he studied for three intensive years a traditional apprenticeship of French woodcarving.  Sketching, sculpting and carving, Hugues discovered a true passion for figurative art throughout busts and portraits directly influenced by France and Italy's greatest sculptors including Auguste Rodin and Michelangelo.


Graduating in 2007 with jury’s distinction, Hugues flew to Wellington, New-Zealand for his first job opportunity in the movie production studio  “Weta Workshop” where he work on the film “District 9”.


Having moved back to France in 2009, Hugues did not feel grounded nor interested in establishing himself in the country and decided to take one more chance in Melbourne Australia.  Working in hospitality by night , sculpting by day, his settlement took ten years and he’s now a citizen of Australia.


Using a brutal and sudden relationship breakup as a brand new start, Hugues moved into his Art studio for a constant connection between Sculptor/sculpture.


In 2021 Hugues finished his first personal collection of portrait sculptures, a retrospective of his last 15 years of challenges and struggles.


Emerging as “H”, a new collection is currently being prepared. Focusing on hands in motion, a series of bronze casts, sketches and large editions of hands of the sculptor himself.


Piece after piece, H is perfecting his style and his art for a better understanding that being an artist is not only living his art but really defining and understanding the art of living.

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