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19th Century Ernst Wahliss Austrian Art Nouveau Terracotta Figure


Height 66cms

Austrian Ernst Wahliss Art Nouveau Figurine, circa 1880

​ERNST WAHLISS (1837 - 1900),  Austrian Art Nouveau ceramic sculptural figure of a semi draped maiden listening to a shell, modeled in a long cascading robe, with golden tones and highlights of green and cream, standing on a stylized Nouveau base, impressed on base Made in Austria, 266-10 D 195.

Excellent condition with a few small marks to the figure and one small chip to base.

Ernst Wahliss was an Austrian ceramicist who created ornate porcelain and earthenware vessels for the European market. Known for his small sculptures, the artist often depicted women dressed in opulent costumes.

Born on March 1, 1837 in Oschatz in,  Wahliss began his career as the traveling salesman for a porcelain factory at age 30. He later left to found his own ceramics company, and soon began exporting porcelain goods across Europe. To meet the high demand for his pottery and sculptures, the artist opened his own department store, Wahliss, in 1863 in Vienna’s city center.  By the late 1880s Wahliss had established himself as Vienna’s leading retailer in porcelain and ceramic goods. His international success enabled him to open stores in major European cities, including London, supplying many of the European royal families in ceramics of the highest quality.

Wahliss died on July 18, 1900 in Vienna, Austria.​

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