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Emmanuel Asante 'Ghanaian Artist', Waiting Is Wasting, Pen On Paper, 2019

Emmanuel Asante ( 1996 Ghanaian), Waiting Is Wasting, pen on coffee stain paper, 2019.


Emmanuel Asante is a young artist from Ghana in West Africa who currently resides in Fairfield in Western Sydney.


Emmanuel arrived in Australia in April, 2015 and graduated from Eagle Vale High School in 2018. He is highly influenced by his culture, Frida Kahlo and his artist-mentor Abdul Abdullah.


Self-taught, Asante commenced painting and drawing to deal with depression and personal experiences. He is a recipient of the Youth Achievement Award in Creative Arts (2019) and has contributed to numerous murals and projects including ‘The Island’ at Addison Rd Community Centre (2019), South West Wall collaboration with Headspace at HJ Daley Library Campbelltown, Big Head holiday collaboration with Abdul Abdullah at C-A-C (2020) and the Resilience Portrait Project with Campbelltown City Council (2021).


'My art practice critically examines and reflects my identity as a young Ghanaian migrant to Australia, incorporating traditional African metaphors and cultural symbols, to evoke visual-aesthetic experiences and modes of storytelling. My works employ diverse media, including pen, pencil, watercolour, acrylic and African fabric. These materials, particularly the use of fabric, plays on the signifiers of African culture and fashion, which circles back to the theme of identity in my work.'


Height: 41 cm, Width: 31cm



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